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Precautions for using switching power supply modules


The switching power supply module is turned off thousands of times in a short period of time, can provide power and current output, and plays an important role in general integrated circuits. Because the switching power supply module is very important, the precautions when using it cannot be ignored. details as follows:

Switching power supply module

1. Before using the power supply, first determine whether the input and output voltage specifications are consistent with the nominal value of the power supply used.

2. Before powering on, please check whether the input and output leads are connected correctly, so as not to damage the user equipment.

3. To ensure safe use and reduce interference, please ensure that the grounding terminal is grounded reliably.

4. Frequent switching of the power supply will affect its life.

5. The working environment and load level will also affect its life.

6. Check whether the installation is firm, whether the installation screws are in contact with the power board components, and measure the insulation resistance between the casing and the input and output to avoid electric shock.

7. The switching power supply module is generally divided into main output and auxiliary output. The characteristics of the main output are better than those of the auxiliary output. Generally, the main output has a large output current. In order to ensure the output load regulation rate and output dynamics and other indicators, it is generally required that each channel has at least 10% load.