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The role and advantages of the power module


The main function of the power module is voltage conversion, which can convert AC or DC to what you want. For example, the 220V alternating current (AC) of the mains is converted into 5V direct current (DC), because the AC 220V power is high voltage, and the electronic products are powered by low voltage, so a conversion device is needed to convert the AC 220V voltage into a low voltage. What are the advantages of power modules over discrete solutions?

1. Simple design

Currently, there are many kinds of modules on the market, you just need to choose a suitable power module, which can be used with several discrete components. The high integrated circuit inside the module makes the design more compact, and the supplier can also provide professional technical support and system solutions. The difference from discrete models is that manufacturers can provide important data such as models, peripheral circuits, and module parameter curves.

2. Save cost and time

The power module has a variety of input and output options, which can be added repeatedly or crosswise to form a building block combined power supply to achieve multiple input and output. Compared with discrete debugging, debugging is simpler and safer, greatly simplifying design and application, and shortening development time.

3. High reliability

Power modules generally use automation technology to ensure quality and reliability. Power modules are selected by professional power R&D personnel; the team designs and develops them according to strict standards, and has undergone perfect reliability tests and mass production tests.

4. Easy maintenance and flexible design

In product application, if there is a problem, just replace another power module and it will work normally. If the scheme needs to be changed in the middle of the design, only the module needs to be changed, and the entire power supply circuit does not need to be modified.