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What are the skills of selecting dc/dc power module


1. Efficiency:

In the era of advocating high efficiency and energy saving all over the world, efficiency is an important factor in model selection. It can reduce energy consumption, reduce heat treatment problems and increase module life in the process of power conversion. Therefore, the higher the efficiency, the better the model selection.

The loss of the system in standby mode is also one of the topics that have been paid attention to in recent years. In some applications, the proportion of the system operating in standby mode is relatively long, and the power module with low standby loss is a good choice; After special treatment and design, Boda's new series of products can greatly reduce the power loss during standby and improve the overall efficiency under different load conditions, meeting the latest energy-saving needs.

2. Operating temperature:

General temperature operation can be divided into commercial regulations (0 ℃ ~+60 ℃), industrial regulations (-25 ℃ ~+71 ℃), military regulations (-55 ℃ ~+85 ℃), etc. when selecting dc/dc power module, it is necessary to consider the actual system operating temperature range and select the appropriate temperature grade.

Different temperature grades will affect the design and selection of materials used in the power module. Choosing a suitable temperature grade is a very important consideration, which will affect the stability and reliability of the dc/dc power module. If the system operating temperature exceeds the range of use of the dc/dc power module, the serious case will lead to the failure of the module. If the product operates at the limit of the temperature range, it needs to be used with load reduction or appropriate heat dissipation design,

3. Input voltage:

The input voltage refers to the range within which the dc/dc power supply module can operate normally. Generally, the common power supply system is usually divided into 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V. When selecting the input voltage range of the power supply module, depending on the variation range of the input voltage, the industry has double voltage input and quadruple voltage input to choose from.

When selecting the input voltage, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the voltage provided by the front-end power supply changes within the voltage range that the dc/dc power supply module can operate. Therefore, selecting the power supply module with double voltage input or quadruple voltage input depends on the voltage change and stability of the front-end power supply. High or low input voltage may cause abnormal operation or damage of dc/dc power module, which must be paid special attention.

In addition, in practical application, the voltage provided by general industrial products is mostly 12V and 24V, while that of communication products is 24V and 48V, and that of railway parts is 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 96V and 110V. Boda provides a variety of professional application products including industrial control, communication, railway... And product selection manuals, which makes it easier for customers to select and prepare materials