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Switching power supply repair concrete method


Switching power supply, power supply module at work when some problems are inevitable, how to fix it, does not affect the work is very important. Then the module power supply when problems appeared problem, then how should repair it, below Nanjing pengtu power limited researchers do some detail for you.

Switching power supply should note the following points are summarized in repair time.

First of all, we need to check the first we need to use the multimeter to check if the circuit breakdown. High resistance is blown, resistance whether there is abnormal. Resistance is the mouth is abnormal, if there is abnormal, you need to replace the new element, in the checking of the above factors, also need to check the power factor, the components of pulse width modulation, and related materials.

Circuit switching power supply has the complex simple, power is big is small, the output voltage is big is small. The main reason why we should to solve the problem of switch power supply, through the introduction of more than if you still have what other questions, welcome the telephone consultation.