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AC-DC power module using the guide


Power module should pay attention to some issues in the use of the time, if not pay attention will these small problems easily lead to the power module click damage, and even the fire. The following Nanjing pengtu power scientific research personnel introduces for you, hope you pay attention to when using the module power supply.

One, do not touch

1, try not to directly touch the radiator module power supply and housing, because of their very high temperature, prevent scald,

2 don't touch input, more can't open the power supply module touch the inside of the parts, in order to avoid high temperature burn, or click.

3 in the power module work, try to stay away from it, to avoid accidents, cause damage to our.

Two, the power module use matters needing attention

1 in accordance with the instructions to see if the correct input signal access pin.

2 confirm the slow fuse module power supply input end, to meet the requirements.

The 3 power module installation must have professional staff to do, so as not to install the inappropriate harm unnecessary.

Output of the 4 input to ensure that customers can not touch, can not guarantee the module output short circuit.

5 power module will be some small business when at work, this is a normal phenomenon.

6 if the supply long time idle does not work, suggest each for a period of time will do an aging test, in order to ensure the service life and reliability of power supply module.

The above is about the module power supply using guide, if you have the need to welcome the telephone or online consulting our company.