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What is the name of the aging test of switching power supply


The power supply will generally after a long time of full load of work. Usually after dozens of hours, there may be a few hours. Time is depends on the quality of the switch power supply requirements of the degree, and cost control. The so-called aging is to let the power to a full load of work, only those products tested and survive is a good product, and those who can't afford will be eliminated. Power supply manufacturers good will conduct such a test, and very strict.

In general, switching power supply, power supply module just from the production line on the use function, why aging test, in order to guarantee the quality of products, to do responsible for customer. Do the aging test before the product is delivered to the customer, will kill the issue in the company. But some informal manufacturers make up the aging test products to customers, or the aging test tasks to customers, so that some products customers get soon broke. This is the customer is not responsible for.

Switching power supply aging test is very important, through the introduction of more than all of the switch power supply aging of the necessity test is not a lot of understanding, if you have any need to welcome the telephone consultation.