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Is the new energy vehicle worth buying?


Is the new energy vehicle really good?
How do people who are already driving new energy vehicles have experience?
What issues should I consider when purchasing a new energy vehicle?

Two days ago, the Jiaxing high-speed traffic police patrolled the 1377-kilometer direction of the G15 Shenhai Expressway in Ningbo, and found a small passenger car with a new energy license plate parked in the hard shoulder.

When the high-speed traffic police asked, the driver He said that he returned to work in Ningbo from Henan. The car was BYD's hybrid model Qin. From the previous day, he stopped and walked all the way. I used to stop in the service area of Sihong, Jiangsu. I didn't stay in any service area. I didn't refuel or charge. After driving here, I suddenly found out that there was no battery left. Only 3% of the battery was left.
The police officers of the five battalions of Jiaxing Express Traffic Police said in an interview that during the Spring Festival, there were several similar situations in their jurisdictions, many of which were pure electric vehicles.

For this matter, netizen says: This master is a novice, his car is usually open, there is no point in my heart. At present, there is still a problem with the cruising range of new energy vehicles, but it is not possible to be partial. It is not the case that the driver’s petrol car is driven to the middle of the road without oil.

The netizen's point of view is not unreasonable, but this incident has also caused people to discuss the value of new energy is not worth buying!

Based on the reality of the car used by everyone, Qian Zhanmin, a technician who opens the door, thinks that the following aspects should be considered before purchasing a new energy vehicle:
1. Main use. Is it the city to go to work for generations, or that it may run long distances, if only the city runs, the problem is not big;
2. Install the charging pile problem. Usually, there is a parking space for installing a private charging pile in the community, and it is necessary to pass the property consent, and when the car is bought, the charging pile cannot be installed;
3. Policy subsidies. Is the subsidy for the purchase of new energy vehicles national or local? Is it rebate or charging? Be sure to understand and then make a purchase.
4, battery warranty. The battery is definitely the core of new energy vehicles, and the price is not cheap. The battery warranty is 8 years, and some 10 years, should be considered comprehensively.

Jiaxing high-speed traffic police reminded: driving new energy vehicles on the high-speed road must pay attention to electricity, because pure electric vehicles can only rely on electricity, the cruising range must pay attention. Hybrid models also need to pay attention to the amount of oil. Fortunately, most of the high-speed service areas now have charging piles. If the power is not enough, you can charge the nearest service area. However, you must plan in advance to confirm the situation along the way.