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Precautions for powr module installation


The reason why accessories are called accessories is that they can play their due role only when they are combined with other accessories. The power module is the same. We need to install it after we buy it. What problems should we pay attention to when installing the power module? Now let's have a look!

1. As the first step of installation, the metal shell of the module power supply must be grounded stably to ensure safety, but the shell cannot be connected to the zero line by mistake.

2. Before the end of installation and plug-in, the wiring on each terminal block shall be checked again to ensure that the input and output, AC and DC, single-phase and multi-phase, positive and negative electrodes, working voltage value and current are correct and avoid wrong connection and plug-in.

3. For high-power power supply, there are generally two or more "+" output terminals and "-" output terminals. As a matter of fact, the power modules belong to the same output electrode, only to facilitate the customer's wiring. They are connected together internally