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How to identify the quality of DCDC power modules


The DCDC power module is used for power distribution for its related components. It is like an adapter, which is the medium between the power supply and the machine equipment. The quality of the DCDC power module lies in whether it can be used by the equipment in a normal environment. Therefore, it is very important to choose a high-quality DCDC power module. After all, it can directly affect the operation of the equipment, so how can we choose a high-quality DCDC power module?

    1. Chip components

    Chip components are the key to the DCDC power module, and the quality of the chip components will have a direct impact on the power module.

    2. Welding technology

    A high-quality DCDC power module has a high-precision welding process. The DCDC power module can be divided into two types: bare board and potting. If the DCDC power module is observed on the bare board, the electronic devices are arranged in an orderly manner. , the welding point is high and high, then it indicates that the DCDC power module is durable.

    3. Detection of aging

    Electrolytic capacitors and transformers are components that are sensitive to temperature, and are absolutely related to the quality of power modules. If electronic components and transformers are the most basic tests for power modules in DCDC power modules, then the detection of aging is a more specific test. The aging and high-temperature sampling inspection of power modules of all production batches can check whether the quality of this batch of power supplies is reliable and whether the raw materials are safe.