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Why should the boost/buck voltage power supply for vehicle air conditioning be tested for aging(3)


●High quality and reliable. Module power supply generally adopts fully automatic production, and is equipped with high-tech production technology, so the quality is stable and reliable.
Wide range of uses: The modular power supply can be widely used in various fields of social production and life such as aerospace, locomotives and ships, military weapons, power generation and distribution, post and telecommunications, metallurgy and mining, automatic control, household appliances, instrumentation and scientific research experiments. In particular, it plays an irreplaceable and important role in the field of high reliability and high technology.

The key methods of quotation supply embrittlement include load embrittlement at normal warm temperature and high and low temperature test with high temperature plug in. The common method is high temperature embrittlement. According to the high temperature embrittlement, the shortcomings or poor quality of commodity components can be exposed, thereby improving the reliability and credibility of the commodity.

The high temperature embrittlement of the boost/buck voltage power supply for vehicle air conditioning refers to the simulation of the high temperature application natural environment of commodities. The high and low temperature test time is usually specified as 12-48 hours. There are two high temperature embrittlement steps, which are set in a high temperature natural environment to embrittle when plugged in. This is an impact quotation supply with more extreme natural environment standards under high temperature natural environment.

Function of high and low temperature test of boost/buck voltage power supply for vehicle air conditioning:

AC-DC power module

1. When the power module is embrittled, the monitor on the computer can be used to see the statistical data of the power supply under the working attitude, which reflects the application of the power supply.