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What are the basic classifications of high-voltage input module power supply(4)





DC-DC DCDC module power supply supply is mainly divided into chip packaging, single in line packaging, dual in line packaging, rail power supply and brick power supply module.


AC-DC power module

●The design is simple. Power is available with just one power module, with a few discrete components. ● Shorten the development cycle. The module power supply generally has a variety of input and output options. Users can also repeatedly stack or cross stack to form a building block combined power supply to achieve multiple input and output, which greatly reduces the prototype development time.
●Change is flexible. If the product design needs to be changed, simply convert or parallel another suitable power module.

General power module means that all functions are enclosed in a modular product, which is small, reliable and easy to use. It is not only easy to replace, but also waterproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, shockproof, flame retardant and other characteristics. Some products can provide redundant high-voltage input DCDC module power supply supply.

Although there are many kinds of power modules, most of them are designed with switching power supply, and the main purpose is to reduce weight and volume. It has the same function as ordinary power supply, but it has more functions and high power density.