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The Influence of power supply converter Fan Vortex on Heat Dissipation(2)


AC-DC power module

●Low technical requirements. Modular power supplies are typically equipped with standardized front ends, highly integrated power modules and other components, thus simplifying power supply design.
●The module power supply shell has a three-in-one structure of heat sink, radiator and shell, which realizes the conduction cooling mode of the module power supply and makes the temperature value of the power supply approach the minimum value. At the same time, the normative packaging of the module power supply is given.

Because the working principle of the axial flow fan is to drive the blades connected with it to rotate Weifang at the given speed of the motor through the operation of the motor, so as to generate a positive pressure difference between the front and back of the blades, and drive the air around the blades to move along the fixed direction of the motor shaft. Therefore, the axial fan has the characteristics of low head and large flow.

Usually, when people choose axial fans, they only consider the above characteristics, ignoring a series of effects caused by the rotation of axial fan blades on the forced flow of air. In fact, the fluid passing through the axial fan does not move in the single direction of the motor axis, and there is also a velocity component on the fan blade section perpendicular to the motor axis. Therefore, Baidu Keyword, the fluid driven by the axial flow fan is actually a moving fluid that rotates forward with the motor shaft as the axis.

The fluid passing through the outlet of the axial flow fan is actually the fluid flowing forward along the axis, so what effect does the actual rotation direction of the fan have on the cooled area inside the power supply?