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Function of isolation voltage of high-voltage input module power supply(2)


AC-DC power module

Due to the wide variety of integrated circuits used in communication equipment, their power supply voltages are also different. In the communication power supply system, a high-frequency DC-DC isolation module power supply with high power density is used, which is converted from the intermediate bus voltage (usually 48V DC) to Various DC voltages are required, which can greatly reduce losses, facilitate maintenance, and are very convenient to install and increase. Generally, it can be directly installed on the standard control board, and the requirement for the secondary power supply is high power density. Due to the continuous increase of communication capacity, the capacity of communication power supply will also continue to increase.

high-voltage input vehicle module power supply supply are used in different places, and the matching specifications do not need to be selected. For example, AD-DC power supply is isolated. Generally, the isolation breakdown voltage specified in manufacturing sites is 5000VAC to 6000VAC; Generally, the manufacturing sites of dcdc power modules specify 1500VDC to 2500VDC, which will be higher in special manufacturing industries, and 6000VDC is specified in the medical device industry. Zhuo Xuan Electronic Technology is a professional manufacturer of high-voltage input vehicle module power supply supply, dcdc power module, acdc vehicle module power supply supply, high voltage input power module, customized high-voltage input vehicle module power supply supply, 3W/10W/25w/75w/100W/200W and other dcdc vehicle module power supply supply, which can provide a stable and reliable controller voltage for the customer system, and reasonably alleviate the problem of good and bad power use caused by static electricity and surge. It is also a data collection Expected plan for common power of communication subsystem.